Writing Down To-Dos Every Morning Helps Me with My Tight Online Bootcamp Schedule

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Do you love learning new things? Being part of a learning community? I do love learning new things.

In April 2021 I applied to a program named Generasi Gigih by Yayasan Anak Bangsa Bisa (YABB). I applied to the Data Analyst track. In May, all applicants that got accepted to the program begin with the level called ‘Beginner’. In short, there are three levels. Those are these three in increasing order Beginner, Intermediate, and Advance.

After doing all the courses, attending the webinar ignite series with the speaker Gojek CEO and other Gojek Engineers, and passing the last test which is leaderless group discussion (LGD) I am now in the Intermediate level with other approx. 100 Data Analyst track participants.

Last Monday was the first day of the Intermediate level. It’s an exhausted yet very fun learning experience. The schedule every week spans from Monday to Friday. There are three classes. English for Software Engineering class, Technical class, and Mentoring class. I’m not going into much detail about each class here, since this article is not about it. But, the technical class was taught by the Data heroes from Gojek directly. It’s so cool, right?

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This article is actually about answering these questions: What is the most important thing(s) I’ve learned from last week's classes? How do I feel about last week’s learning experience? What are the things that I’m still confused about? What have I done to understand it? Isn’t the schedule so tight? How do I manage my time? etc.

Answers To the Reflection’s Questions

As I stated before that the class is full of fun. The interaction (I mean discussion) between the instructors and the participants (I will name this ‘participants’ with ‘students’ in the next sentences) is so great. I mean the students are so active. Lots of interesting questions and superb answers as well from the instructors.

As a ‘mandatory’ when learning about Data Analyst’s field is to introduce the students to the world of data. Why data is important? Different types of data. How to make effective questions prior to analysis? What are the approaches we can use to solve a business problem? What are the steps to data quality check? What to show when making a visualization? What is a dimension in data? What are metrics? What is an outlier? How is it different from an anomaly? Those are a few things I can remember from the first technical class. The second and third days of technical class are even more interesting.

The most interesting thing that caught both my eyes and my mind is when Kak Favian (Gojek’s Data Warehouse Engineer, one of the instructors) showed and explained the flow of the food merchant recommender system in GoFood (It’s the order of food merchant that we see when we want to order sth. in GoFood). I thought it’s just a simple scenario, yet it’s so complex. How it actually involves a lot of tech-stacks and teams in just one product.

Oiya, we also learned about data warehouse modeling there. Actually, it’s quite hard for me to fully digest it at first. Since this data warehouse concept is new to me. The class that ended on Friday night, I was supposed to take it off. But, I used that night to review the materials. And dive a little deeper into the Data Warehouse concept.

As I said before that the class schedule spans from Monday to Friday. It’s in total 10 hours a week. It’s actually quite a tight right, the schedule. But, I manage to attend most of the classes on time, keep up with the instructors when I wanna ask sth., with my peers to discuss sth. through the Discord channel, etc. How do I manage to do it all while I also have other activities? It’s a simple yet powerful routine that I’ve been sticking up with after reading the book ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear. It’s Journalling. Writing on a post-it note the stuff that I want to do every single start of the day. I’ll explain how it helps me so much on another occasion (This sentence will be updated when I already have an article about the Journalling).

Disclaimer: All the statements expressed are on my own and don’t express the views and opinions of anyone or anything else.



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