Week 4 Reflection: The Power of Optimism

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I’m not sure about how to start this week’s reflection. So, I’ll just do this week’s reflection in the format of answering the following three questions respectively.

How do you feel about your score so far? What does the score tell you about yourself? Do you think your position will change at the end of the program? Do you believe that you can make it to the next level?

To be honest, the score that’s announced earlier this week was actually beyond my expectation. Because I am 100% sure that there are lots of my peers in the Data Analyst track, especially Class Bisa, that is much much smarter than me. Just like stated by the Generasi Gigih team when announcing the score, that this score (they called XPerience Board) doesn’t show how smart and knowledgeable you are. Instead, it shows how engaged and invested you are in the learning process during this Intermediate Level.

I think it's kinda true. But, it doesn't mean that I say my peers are not engaged or GIGIH enough. No. Instead, I learned a lot from them.

I’ll tell you a bit more about my story in this program (The intermediate level one) and why I said that the score is beyond my expectation. Alright, on the first day of the intermediate program the instructors (Kak Favian and Kak Kiswanti) starts giving the materials from things like ‘what is data’, ‘why data is valuable’, some kinds of data, and other basic things that are required to know before dive into the data world. And there are times when they pleased any participants like me, my other fellow participants, to ask if there are any doubts or anything would like to ask regarding the materials.

I saw that day, most of my peers were so active. And I was like ‘wow, I don’t know what this is. Most of them are so smart’. And you know what, there is one time when I had a chance, I think it’s reviewing the materials that we’ve learned. I remember clearly that, my voice was really shaking at that time. You know what had happened, I was terribly nervous.

After the first day, that was the moment I realized that there is a lot that I still don’t know. Especially in this Data Analyst field. These two defining moments mark a momentous change for me. To be better. To learn more. To not be afraid of speaking, asking. Because if I let my fear take over me and not asking instead I will be forever ended like that (Will always have a shaking voice when speaking in front of the Class).

And also there is this one quote that I always remember when I start doing something, that I think you also need to know:

“People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of”

— Paulo Coelho (The Alchemist)

If you ask me will my position change by the end of the program? I think my answer is ‘it’s possible’. Since we have three more weeks left. But, I know that this is my dream to become a Data Analyst. And of course, all I have to do is just to keep improving just like James Clear said at least one tiny percent a day that’s enough as long as you don’t stop. There will be times when those one-percents will pass the threshold and everything will just be just easy and there will be no more the valley of disappointment.

‘Result vs Time’ taken from Atomic Habits by James Clear

So yes, I do believe that (with God’s will) I can make it to the next level.

What would you like to ask or say for your friends who made it to the top of the board? What do you think has made them succeed? What can you learn from them?

Hmm, this is always the question that I would like to ask you guys who made it to the top of the board.

I do realize that sometimes I was fallen into the allure of wishful thinking or the optimistic bias. Sometimes I believe that I will and can be someone who is great, someone who is on top of the list. But on the other hand, my efforts most of the time are just too little. This is obviously wrong.

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So, my question is how do you guys cope with wishful thinking? How do you turn them into action so that you are in your situation (Which is on top of the board)?. Because I believe that one of the things that make you succeed is because you do not just wish for things but work for them even more.

Some of your friends might feel sad after seeing their score is low/not as expected. Some even say they feel like they’re in a dark tunnel because they have struggled to keep up with the rest of the class. What will you recommend them to do to finally “see the light again”?

I know how it feels like having something that is not as expected. Because I used to fail. I used to have things that I work for not resulting as I want them to be. When I have something like that I used to come to my brother and just talk about it. After that everything is somehow a little better. Because in my POV, it’s okay and so valid to express your emotion. It’s fine. If there is someone who tells you that it’s because you choose to be like that, no. Do not listen to him/her and leave him/her. Because it’s toxic positivity.

What has happened don’t have regret about it, just don’t. Because life is too short to regret something. Instead, we can learn from it, obviously. Hopefully, we can take something useful to help us be better in the next future or in the next weeks in this case. And yes, it’s still so possible for you guys to take over the board. Since we still have like two weeks more. And a final project. All we have to do is to work harder. And learn together to unleash our better version.

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Disclaimer: All the statements expressed are on my own and don’t express the views and opinions of anyone or anything else.



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