My Generasi Gigih Journey Wrap-Up

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The first thing I know for sure before joining this program is that this program is just like another online program. What I mean is that no one is going to hold my hand throughout this program. If I choose to be quiet during the class, no one is gonna force me to speak. If I submit the assignment late, no one is going to yell at me. No. It’s just that everything we do is a choice. And every choice has its own consequences. Either I choose to speak during the class or I choose to stay just silent both have their own consequences.

This is going to be the final reflection in the intermediate phase of this program. It’s kinda sad though to know that this program has come to its end. But, I personally have promised myself to keep doing the habit that I’ve developed during this program. I’ll take that as the best gift from this program, even though they also just sent me some cool souvenirs hehe.

I have learned a lot from the past six weeks in this program. I will explain in detail what have I learned, gained from this program in the following paragraphs.

What I knew vs What I know now

I was very excited to begin the first technical class six weeks ago because I have been interested in Data since my first year in college. Thus, I have believed that I have been pretty good at doing data. However, that was when I have to answer some questions from the instructors regarding data in the first day of technical class. I still did not so much understand how to differentiate metrics and dimensions at that time. That is kinda embarrassing for someone who believes that he’s been pretty good. That was when I realized that I have to learn more because there is so much more that I need to understand (master) in order to be ready to be a real Data Analyst.

Skills I’ve developed during the past 6 weeks and skills I need to develop now

There are numerous skills that I’ve learned in this program. I will break down the skills that I have learned in this program into three-part which are technical skills, English skills, and soft skills. The technical skill I have learned a lot of essential skills required to be a Data Analyst start from how to write code in Python, how to use NumPy and pandas, I have learned how to query in Bigquery, I have learned how to create an appealing and effective dashboard in Google Data Studio, I have learned statistics for Data Analysis, Document analysis, Experimentation, A / B Testing, etc. Oiya, I will show you one of the visualizations that I made in Google Data Studio from my learning in this program here:

Yes, it’s still a so cluttering visualization. There is still a lot of parts that I need to improve on my visualization skills obviously.

From the English class, I have learned some theories about Software Engineering. Like software development cycle, software testing process, debugging, integration, software maintenance, etc. Also, I learn Grammar in that class.

In terms of soft skills, I have four IDP sessions mentored by Kak Adeline from Gojek and a career readiness class by the XLFL facilitator. The IDP session is really useful. It helped me set a goal that is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound (SMART goals). It helped me because it provides me with a development plan that I can do right away.

The skills that I have learned in this program are already most of the skills needed to be a Data Analyst. So, in terms of being a Data Analyst to master most of the skills learned from this program is more than enough. But of course, my goal in life is not just to be a Data Analyst. More important to me is being adaptive, open, and continually evolving person. There is no doubt that learning is crucial to this. So, I’ll just update my IDP on things that I will learn in the next next day to come.

Good habits I’ve built and learned

One of the good habits I have built upon joining this program is being punctual. This program with its tight rules, especially in the intermediate phase, really triggers me to be a better person. Because I don’t want to fail not because I am not capable but because I am not disciplined. So, this program really has made me be a more punctual person. Other than that, I also have built this habit of writing articles on medium. I think this really is a good habit. I hope I can continue writing articles on medium even after this program ended.

My chance to be hired

Hmm, I am not sure about this but I’d say 70%. I believe that joining this program has really increased the chance of me being hired as a Data Analyst and lighten me on how to become a Data Analyst, what skills are needed, and especially learn those skills in this program. Even though there is still so much to learn but I believe that upon joining this program I am more likely to be hired as a Data Analyst compared to before joining this program.

Am I proud of myself?

Sure…. :D I am soooo proud of myself, I have done my best. But of course, I will not stop and just satisfy with what I am and what I know right now. I will keep learning and improve and be a better me every day…



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