Generasi GIGIH: A Psychologically Safe Environment to Learn and Grow

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I don’t have much to say for this week’s reflection unless just answering three following questions. The materials this week actually around visualization. On the last day of the week we presented the dashboard that assigned on Wednesday. I thought every group did a great job and all the presentations were interesting. Alright, I just will answer three following questions now as this week’s reflection:

What kind of future self do you want yours to be? How will GenerasiGIGIH help you to become your future self?

I always wanted to be a Data Analyst or Data Scientist. That’s one of the reasons I joined Generasi Gigih. I think in order to help me to become a Data Analyst, this program really helps me. As you know we met a lot of mentors who are expert and practitioners on their field. So, I think this program really is a perfect place for anyone who have a dream to be a Data Analyst. Because you will learn directly from mentors who are also practitioners.

What I love from Generasi GIGIH is its safe environment for everyone. So basically, they provide this what can be called as ‘psychologically safe environment’. What it means is that everyone can asked what they don’t know or any doubts they have to the mentors without afraid of being judge. I think this is one of the best element that Generasi GIGIH have, that’s hard to find somewhere else which really help people like myself to grow.

Also, I always want to be someone who is communicative and able to convey my thoughts or ideas clearly. Participating and being active in Generasi GIGIH really helps me in this. At least, I am no longer someone who have a shaking-voice when speaking in front of a class. :D

What do you think is so different and special about GenerasiGIGIH?

I think what special about Generasi GIGIH is the one that I mentioned before. The ‘psychologically safe environment’ for anyone. I think this is one of the most important thing and I am so glad that I joined Generasi GIGIH when I saw in a Generasi GIGIH’s guidebook they really care about their participants’ psychological aspect.

I read the story of Julia Rozovsky (in Smarter Faster Better by Charles Duhigg) about how her not judgy study-group, when she was in Yale, won a contest instead of her previous group that contains technically ‘smarter’ people. This is the reason why I think ‘psychologically safe environment’ is one of the best aspects that should exist in order to help people grow.

Do you become more confident to become what you aspire to be after joining GenerasiGIGIH?

I learned a lot in Generasi GIGIH. Not just the technical aspect but also the soft skills. Aside from learning in technical class I also have an IDP mentoring that really help me in planning things that I want to achieve. So, it’s yes I am more confident right now to become a Data Analyst. Even though, there are still so much to learn. But, it’s not a bad thing to be confident as long as not overconfident right? :D

Tagline Challenge

In this part I will answer the tagline challenge where I will propose tagline for next Generasi GIGIH program. The tagline that I proposed is #JustStudyDontWorry #ItsASafePlace #ForEveryoneToLearn. The main tagline that I proposed is the first one which is #JustStudyDontWorry. Why I think this should be the next Generasi GIGIH program’s tagline is because I think it’s important for any future participants to know in advance that learning in Generasi GIGIH is a safe place for them to learn. There is no judgement when you asked a ‘silly’ question. Because all questions are valid. :D



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