My Final Reflection: I AM GROWTH

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Week 5 Reflection: Questions from Your Friends & Tagline Challenge

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What kind of future self do you want yours to be? How will GenerasiGIGIH help you to become your future self?

My 4th Week Reflection as a Data Analyst Participant in the Generasi Gigih Program by YABB.

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How do you feel about your score so far? What does the score tell you about yourself? Do you think your position will change at the end of the program? Do you believe that you can make it to the next level?

3rd week and the last three weeks reflection in Generasi Gigih.

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My 2nd-week reflection as Data Analyst participant in Generasi Gigih by Yayasan Anak Bangsa Bisa (YABB)

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The difference between descriptive statistic & Inferential statistic

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My 1st-week reflection as a Data Analyst participant in the Generasi Gigih program by YABB.

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25 cara mudah untuk memahami Blockchain

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